The Waves

The Waves and Dublin Dancers - Västerås, Sweden - Saturday 1st April 2000.

The Waves is a local band in Västmanland, Sweden. They play Irish traditional music with some inspiration from Swedish folk music.

Saturday evening, I went there early to get a good seat because the seats was not numbered, I guess lots of people wanted to have a good seat because the concert hallway was full of people when I arrived. I got my seat on maybe the 10th row and that was perfect, any closer had been to close to the speakers. I had my camera with me and took some pictures that came out to be slightly dark and with low resolution, but that was something I knew would happen because I didn't use a flash. I have edited the pictures in my computer to make them a bit better. Note: The pictures on this page are not in correct order and I have just added the pictures I liked the best.

This evening The Waves had visitors from Ireland, four dancers from Dublin Dancers had came to dance to their music.

The Waves came in and said hello, Sören "Fritte" Fridolfsson told some jokes to warm up the audience.

They started to play and the audience liked the music very much and started to clap hands to the music rhythm almost at once.

Then after maybe the 3rd song the four dancers from Dublin Dancers came in and the audience gave them big applauds. The dancers was very young and I think that surprised many in the audience.

They came in and danced every 3rd or 4th song, and they received big applauds every time.

The band didn't have a play list and sometimes they could not agree what to play, but it went well anyway and the audience was happy to be there and listen to the music.

The concert was almost 2 hours and there was no pause. The ticket costed only 95 kr (approx. 10 US$), very well spent money!

I wish they had CD's and T-shirts for sale, it would have been nice as a souvenir from the concert. I guess they could have sold lots of CD's.

The dancers colourful costumes was very beautiful, but unfortunately they only used them in one dance number. I think the audience would liked to have seen them more.

The show ended but the audience wanted more and the applauds didn't stop, it resulted in a couple of extra numbers and both the performers and the audience was very happy after the show. It was a complete success, the local newspaper only wrote nice words about the show.

If you wish to know more about The Waves, visit their homepage: http://thewaves.cjb.net/

I been to a The Waves concert before (no dancers that time and the band was not full so they called themself The Micro Waves), I then had the luck to buy a CD, I also got a couple of autographs (see autographed pictures above).


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