Rhythm of the Dance

The 16th March 1999 I watched the show "Rhythm of the Dance" in Västerås, Sweden. The show was good but it can't be compared with big shows like Lord of the Dance and Riverdance. Rhythm of the Dance has much song and the dance is sometimes like ballet and not as Irish as we in the audience was waiting for. The light over the stage was very dark and it was hard to see everything. I had my pocket camera with me and I took some pictures but they are very bad because of the dark light over the stage and my seat was so far away, so the stage is just a dot on the pictures. I have used my computer to enlarge and enhance them, the quality is still not enjoyable but now it's possible to see what it is. Before the show I was seeking for pictures and info about Rhythm of the Dance on the Internet but I could not find any, I hope my pictures will give future Rhythm of the Dance searchers something to look at before they go the show.

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