Saturday 5th February 2000, my second visit to the show this year, this time I went with my mother. Perfect seats again, not too far away from the stage, and we had a perfect view over the dancers and musicians.
It was a matinee so a couple of the lead dancers had been replaced, but they where all very good. But I think the Spanish girl danced with recorded tapping in the "Firedance", her tapping and the sound was not the same. I think they had some problem with the floor because in the pause they pulled away the carpet and used some kind of machines to fix the stage. But other than that everything went perfect and we where very happy to have seen the show.

Thursday 3rd February 2000 (my birthday), I had my seat exactly in the middle of row 1, perfect!
The seat to the left of me was empty and to the right of me sat a girl (don't know who she was) and to the right of her it was an empty seat.
I wonder what the dancers thought when we sat there alone in the middle of row 1, they must have thought we had some kind of VIP seats.
It was great to sit there but it was kind of embarrassing, everyone looked at us, at least it felt so.
In the pause between act 1 and 2, a man came and asked if he could sit at the empty seat beside me, he said his girlfriend was in the show and that he wanted to surprise her. Guess if she got surprised, she almost started to laugh when she saw her boyfriend sitting there waving and clapping hands. The man beside me said he liked ABBA very much and that ABBA still is very popular in his country Australia. He also said something I found very amusing, he said I looked almost like Björn in ABBA, hahaha I don't really think I do but maybe I have a hairstyle like him.
The show was very good and I think all was live and that no recorded tapping was used.
Afterwards when I went back to my room at the Globe Hotel I meet several of the dancers and musicians in the hotel entrance, they where all waiting for the elevators. There I had the chance to ask for autographs but I didn't, something I regret now, I would really liked to have a couple of autographs in the program, but it's to late now, maybe I dare to ask them next time.
I was very happy that day, maybe it was my best birthday ever!
Thanks Riverdance!

31st January 1999 I saw Riverdance at the Globe arena in Stockholm, Sweden. I had the luck to sit close to the stage, 8th row, but actually it was not very good to sit there, I only saw the heads of the audience in front of me. Next time I will sit a bit farther away but I will see much much better I think. The artists was great, they where performing with precision and professionalism and it was very fun to see them dance and sing, unfortunately most of the audience was very rude and did not applaud until the artists begged for it. I ususally don't like when the audience claps and whistles in the middle of the acts so I should have been glad, but this was very bad and rude I think. The artists are worth large applauds and they should not have to beg for applauds. The backgrounds was very beautiful and I wish it had been allowed to take pictures, but I understand why it's forbidden to take pictures, if everyone had started to take pictures the flashes from the cameras should have destroyed the beautiful backgrounds and light effects. Fortunately they are selling programs with pictures and info about the show, it's a perfect souvenir and it makes me remember the show. I can't understand that many in the audience refused to buy them, they said they where so expensive, but what is 80 kr when the ticket to the show costed 400 kr? Next time I will watch Riverdance is 5th February year 2000. (Just bought a ticket for 3rd February also, could not resist to buy it because I had the luck to find a 1st row ticket and 3rd February is my birthday too :-).


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