Magic of the Dance

The 12th September 2000 I saw Magic of the Dance in Västerås, Sweden, and it was a show I never will forget!
I have always believed that Riverdance and Lord of the Dance are in a class of their own and that no show would be able to become better than them.
But I must now change my opinion, Magic of the Dance has totally managed to get me, with its dance and rhythmical music, Magic of the Dance is now my absolute favourite show!

I admit that the show reminds much about Riverdance and Lord of the Dance with its duels between the good and evil, and between Irish and American dance, but Magic of the Dance have indeed been able to freshen up and develop everything they borrowed.

The music is fast and rhythmical and my favourite instruments in Irish music, flute and fiddle have big parts in the music.
The dance is also fast and it's very powerful, not a calm moment for the dancers, full pace from the beginning to the end.
Of course there are some calm parts in the show but it is not many.

The parts that I most liked was when the "bad" made their dance, especially when their leader danced in front of 4 big fires. The flames was maybe 1 meter high and the strong heat from the fires could be felt all the way to the 6th row where I sat. The "bad" was dangerously close to the fires and I was almost afraid that he accidentally should dance in to the fires.

In the beginning of the second act one of the dancers took up two people from the audience. The dancer tried to make them do some dance steps. It was fun to watch them. I think the two who entered the stage was very brave, I would never had the courage to do what they did.

The show was very colourful and they also used much pyrotechnics like bombs and smoke.
Both music and dance was live, no cheating what I could see.
I think that both dancers and musicians liked the show because they laughed and was generally happy in their performance.
The end of the show became very long, the audience clapped and clapped and wanted more and more, the dancers wasn't late to give what we wanted.
The show started 19.30 and it wasn't over until 22.00, between act 1 and 2 there was a 20-min brake but it ended up at 30 min (as usual).

When the show was over and most of the audience had left the concert hall had those who stayed the chance to get some autographs.
The main dancers in the show then came out to the souvenirs booth and signed their autographs on the programs.
So now I have my first autographs from an Irish show, se picture below.

I am a little sad over that I didn't take my camera with me, it wouldn't have been any problems to take some photos, for it was no control at the entrance and no one said anything about the use of cameras.

What shall I more say, yeah if you shall buy souvenirs like T-shirt and CD from Magic of the Dance you should do it before the show, for at least here in Västerås only programs was left after the show.


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