Lord of the Dance

The 5th December 1998 my mom and I had the luck to visit the LOTD show in Stockholm. Our journey to the show almost had to be cancelled because of a big snowstorm. The bus started 15 minutes late, we saw small cars stuck in the snow beside the road, fortunately the bus was big so it had no problems to get through the snow, we arrived as scheduled 30 minutes before the show started. As usual there was a security check at the entrance, they searched for cameras and recording devices. First thing I did was to buy the T1 and the Feet of Flames programs (80 kr each (that's aprox 10$)), I was going to buy a sweatshirt too, but my size (large) was sold out, they only had small sizes left. We went in to the arena and searched for our seats, we found them very quickly. We had almost perfect seats, not to close and not to far away. Only thing that was wrong was that we sat on the side of the arena and had to look sideways. People were coming all the time, probably late because of the snowstorm, but finally, maybe 15 minutes late the lights were turned off, and the show started. When the new lord (Damien O'Kane I think it was, correct me if I'm wrong) entered the stage I was a bit disappointed, he was so young and he had not the same strength in the dance as MF. But after a while I saw that he was a really good dancer and he will probably be one of the best after a year or two. The mighty Don Dorcha (Daire Nolan) and his Warriors entered the stage with powerful steps and they looked much meaner now with their new costumes. They were almost to powerful because It looked almost like the big Don Dorcha was going to beat the young lord, but the Spirit cheated as always and resurrected the lord so he could beat Don Dorcha in the duel. "Strings of fire" was a success (as usual), I wish the violinists had played more. Erin's songs are very beautiful and I wish the rest of the audience could learn to like them too, but maybe the songs must be heard a couple of times before they could be liked. Bernadette and the rest of the girls performed with precision and the dance were very beautiful. At the end of the show it was two extra's, last time I saw the show it was only one extra (that time it was MF who was the lord). Overall the show was a success, nice looking costumes and a lord that will be very good after he growned a bit, but the lord was not the only one that looked young there were many new talented young dancers.

I and some friends had the luck to get tickets for the Lord Of The Dance show in The Globe Arena in Stockholm 18 April 1998 (All tickets was sold out on 90 minutes). It was a big security check at the entrance, no cameras where allowed and everyone with that was stopped. We didn't have any cameras with us so we came in without any problems with the guards, but I saw and heard several people ripping out films and arguing about the rules. When we came inside, the first thing I did was to buy the program and some souvenirs (a T-shirt and a mug). We started to count rows and where joking about the seats that was far away and very high up in the arena. When we came nearer we stopped our jokes because it happened to be our seats that we had been joking about, but as we later discovered they where quite good anyway because we sat high up in the arena and had a good view over the scene and we saw the light effects on the floor better than everyone else :) The show started as usual with the Cry Of The Celts and went on without any problems until the Siamsa dance. I don't think many peoples noticed it but one of the dancers lost a shoe in the middle of the Siamsa dance. They where very professional and continued as nothing had happened, I saw one of the girls kicking the shoe on the floor but it didn't came off the scene, just before Erin The Goddess came in, one of the stage workers reached in and grabbed the shoe. The whole show was very good, sound, light effects and the pyrotechnics was perfect. At the end of the show they played happy birthday to one of the fiddlers, so I guess that she had her birthday that day. I wish I could see the show many more times, but unfortunately its very hard to get tickets and shows like this doesn't come to Sweden very often. I also want to tell everyone what a chock I got when I read one of Sweden's biggest newspapers, Expressen, the day after the show. The reporter that had visited the show compared Michael Flatley with a star from a German gay show and said that the show was something that Hitler should have liked. Like that he went on row after row in the article. Naturally I wrote a letter to the newspapers chief editor and said what I think of the newspaper and the reporter but I have not received any answer from them. I can only hope that when the chief editor read the article gave the reporter a reprimand. One thing do I know and that is that I will not buy another Expressen newspaper again.

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