What's your name and where are you from?
My name is Stefan and I'm from Sweden.

Will you add the Celtic fan fiction you had in your old homepage Dorcha?
This new homepage will have much of its content taken from my old homepages but sorry the fan fiction will not be added.

Why not?
I decided to remove some of my homepages and the homepage Dorcha was one of them.
The fan fiction was written by others who kindly let me add their stories to my Dorcha homepage, but in this new homepage I will try to add only my own material so I have decided to drop the fan fiction. Show reports sent in by others has also been removed.

What happened to the mailing list you had in your Dorcha homepage?
The mailing list has been deleted.

I visited your Knights homepage earlier and then you had many more photos than you have now.
Yes the Knights homepage was bigger but many of the photos was almost the same so I decided to remove some.

Can I buy some of your QSL cards?
No, QSL cards are personal and to receive QSL cards you must earn them yourself by sending reception reports to radio stations.

What radio equipment did you use?
I used a Grundig Satellit 300 receiver with it's built in antenna, sometimes I also connected a 15 m. long-wire antenna.

Do you still DX?
No, I have not done that for years. My DX period was 1985-1988.

Why are some information in Swedish?
I have not had time to translate it to English.
But hopefully everything will be translated later on.


More will be added to this F.A.Q. page later...